Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bubble Bobble running now

So, this is an awesome game and I thought it'd be as good as any to test out my FPGA board... actually, better than most because I don't currently emulate disk IO... :)

Sadly, it kept crashing on the intro screen... it's supposed to play music and carry on, but it just sat there with ghosts moving around but nothing much happening. I eventually tracked it down to when I'd modified the WAIT_n logic the other day... and IN r,(C) worked fine but IN A,(n) returned n instead of the data. And it just so happens that bb4cpc uses that method for determining the vblank. Interestingly, it only actually used that for music playback.

Anyway, bb4cpc running on my CPC FPGA board:

I also decided to register a domain name as things are progressing well now. Shorty, catchy, to the point: :)

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