Monday, 4 June 2012

$TIME_OF_LAST_POST + 30 minutes

Heh. So, after I wrote the last post, I used the braiding wick to remove all the excess solder around the data out pin of the PROM. It looks a lot tidier, but my multimeter was still showing a short to VCC. Turns out, under the PROM there are 2 vias very close together (and pretty close to the pins) for data in and VCC. Fortunately, braiding wick on the pins managed to suck up all the excess solder here and solve the problem. Interestingly, those pins looked fine in the photo I'd used to check the soldering there...

Hopefully later today, I'll try to drive pins via the boundary scan to see if I can detect any other shorts, but in the meantime this is worthy of a new post!

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